Resilience for Birds

Our Zootrilogics team represents over a century combined of professional skills regarding the husbandry, nutrition and veterinary health of avian, reptiles and amphibians, mammals and invertebrates. We have embarked on an exciting project to formulate premium quality, all natural supplemental food products, beginning with our signature Resilience for Birds emulsion paste.


Ingredients: Agaricus mushroom powder, Black cumin oil, Cardamom, Carob, Chia flour, Coconut oil, Coriander, Cranberry seed oil, Dried ginger, Fenugreek, Krill oil, Oregano oi.


The Boston chapter of The Awesome Foundation recently recognized Resilience for Birds dietary supplement for its novel ingredients and approach targeting bird health

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Resilience? What is the intended purpose? What is the meaning of life...Sorry, no answer for that last one yet.

About Us

Zootrilogics is a team of gifted geeks that focuses on the well being and health of animals, birds, & reptiles.

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Quantifiable Results

Premium, all natural ingredients aiding general health. Useful for all birds, domestic or wild, rare and exotic. Supports immune function to battle stress and disease

Resilience is a unique formulation, created from high quality all natural ingredients.


We are currently testing new product lines for other animals that will be announced soon. Continuing to improve lives of livestock, wildlife and pets around the globe.


At Zootrilogics we care about the health and happiness of animals. We believe with proper diet, housing and nutrition animals can not only survive...they can thrive.

Resilience for birds health and wellness care



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