Who we are

How it all began...

I wonder that each and every day?!?!?
After 36 years as a practicing veterinarian, and 66 years of life, I decided to change paths and look for an opportunity to explore my many other interests mixing business and animal science. VOILA!! I reconnected with Dr. Ellen Dierenfeld, now my partner and friend, and truly- a world renowned animal nutritionist who is recognized as the ‘Mother of Zoo Animal Nutrition’. We have combined our 70+ years working with critters of all sizes, shapes and unique personalities and headed down the path to ZOOTRILOGICS!

My own training and work as a veterinarian, attending to elephants, dogs, cats, rabbits and-- lions, tigers and bears, OH MY!, has alerted me to the influence of good or bad husbandry in carrying for mother nature’s vast array of life forms. Husbandry refers to housing, health care and NUTRITION!! There ya go.


What we do

The facts are good or bad nutrition in humans and animal alike, is often the first expression of good or bad health. It may be as simple as an oily skin coat, obesity or a nasty poop that tells me that I need to look into that animal’s diet management. Veterinarians and nutritionists jump into ‘detective mode’ to discover what problems need to be addressed. Dr. Ellen and myself are those very detectives working to resolve diet and
nutrition management problems in zoos, private pet homes, sanctuaries, in the wild and in fact, anywhere our help is needed.

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Meet Our Team

ZootriLogics, LLC is based in St. Louis, Missouri. We are a team of gifted geeks that focuses on the well being and health of animals, birds, & reptiles.

Douglas Pernikoff, DVM, MBA


Dr. Doug is responsible for overall Business Strategy, Business Development and Operating Officer. Dr. Doug has over 36 years experience as a clinical veterinarian and business owner/manager. He has trained and served in small animal medicine; exotic/zoo and global conservation veterinarian on behalf of both domestic and non-domestic/zoo and endangered species worldwide.



Resilience for birds health and wellness care

Ellen Dierenfeld, Ph.D.

Vice President, Secretary, CTO (Chief Treasury Officer) and Director of Science and Nutrition

Ellen is responsible for Product Development, Quality Assessment/Quality Control, and scientific content. She brings over 30 years' experience in animal nutrition, working with a wide variety of species on six continents, and has published over 150 peer-reviewed scientific papers, book chapters, and a textbook. Previously, she collaborated in the finalization of various Farmers' Helper products, and has assisted in development of multiple products used in pet and zoo animal diets, manufactured by several leading companies. (Actual photo of Ellen after too many hours in the lab)