• What is Resilience?
Resilience is a unique highly concentrated emulsion paste formulation, created from high quality all natural ingredients scientifically documented to have health-giving additives with proven benefits, supporting immune function and thereby aiding poultry in battling illnesses and infectious maladies. Resilience has been developed as a health supplement for birds.

Resilience for birds health and wellness care

What is its intended purpose?
Resilience is intended as a supplementary measure to keep birds healthy. Reports from aviculturists of wild fowl and zoo birds suggest increased fertility and improved survival of “difficult to rear” species when using Resilience. Some of the problems associated with these birds include viral, bacterial and fungal infections. Other health issues include protozoan and parasitic infestation. It may be effective as a complement in the treatment of a number of maladies generally treated with antibiotics and antiparasitics and medicated chick starter no longer available to the general public without prescriptions from veterinarians. Resilience is designed to support immune function and and help against infectious maladies and parasites. Resilience is formulated to supplement improvement for injured, chilled or sick birds without causing undue stress.

•  Is it just for chickens?
Resilience was initially tested on poultry, pigeons and captive pheasants, and has been administered to several other bird species as well.

• Is it safe? I know when I treat my birds with some things, I am told not to eat the eggs for a number of days. If I give Resilience to my chickens, can I still eat the eggs right after?
Yes! In nature, female birds that consistently consume foods with high nutritional value produce more vigorous hatchlings than those that do not. Nutrients consumed by mother birds are absorbed into the egg yolk which nurtures the developing embryo until it is a hatchling.

In our experience Resilience for Birds improves fertility and hatchability of eggs as well as decreases mortality in chicks. This suggests that ingredients in Resilience with beneficial health properties may be passed from the mother bird into the egg. Birds dosed with Resilience have been reported to produce egg yolks and egg shells that are significantly brighter and darker in coloration. Hen eggs were reported to be more flavorful than those of free ranging birds that were not supplemented with this emulsion. Chicken eggs can be consumed right after they have been given Resilience.

• What about wild birds?
Tiny doses of Resilience have been mixed into suet cakes and soaked dried fruit for wild birds.
It has also been used in larger doses with hand-fed nestlings of a number of unusual zoo birds, including difficult-to-keep softbills like turacos and fruit doves.

• How do I use it, and how much should I use?
The use of Resilience as a health supplement is made easy by either placing the paste directly in the mouth, or mixing it with food. Individual animals, or entire flocks/groups, can be supplemented at the same time. An easy-to-use, calibrated delivery syringe provides a convenient delivery system.

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