Resilience for Birds 12 Pack



Supplement your hen’s health with a dose of Resilience. Our emulsion paste delivers all natural nutraceuticals directly into the digestive tract of your birds, where it can aid in boosting immune function. While your hen’s symptoms may fade away within a few hours or days, we suggest you supplement your entire flock with Resilience for Birds, especially those that were housed together with the afflicted individual.

Many small farms and large backyard flocks will maintain flocks of 20-100 hens. For Preventive Health, we suggest 3 ml per hen (0.5 ml/lb body weight) bi-weekly; thus one 2 syringes supplements 10 healthy hens for the month. If you’ve just procured new stock or are managing birds with existing health issues, providing smaller doses of Resilience (1-2 ml) up to 3X weekly for 2 weeks is advisable.

Approximate administration guidelines for individual birds with existing health or stress issues, fed 3X per week over 2 weeks: For birds with existing health or stress issues: 1 Syringe (31 ml) per ostrich or cassowary, 1/2 syringe (15.5 ml) per emu, rhea, swan, goose or turkey. One quarter syringe (~8 ml) per peafowl, guineafowl, pheasant or large to standard-sized chicken. For information on how to utilize Resilience for Birds with smaller poultry and quail, pet birds or zoo species, kindly contact us at

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